Closing Season 1 | “Courageous Voice” |

Dr. Sarah Webb | “Courageous Voice” |

Meet Dr. Sarah Webb, colorism expert, writer, media creator. A world traveler, an Auntie, and the founder and owner of Colorism Healing llc, which is a global leader in raising awareness, shifting attitudes, and taking action to dismantle colorism. Enjoy our conversation on bravery, healing, and choosing to share our personal truths and values with the world.

Closing Season 1 | “Courageous Voice” |

Gene Pritsker | “Courageous Voice” |

Enjoy this frank, honest, sometimes humorous, always inspiring conversation with composer, guitarist, rapper, teacher, producer Gene Pritkser. He’s also known as a mischief-maker and a cultural blender who has written over 800 compositions. Listen in as Gene opens up about his early life and inspirations, his musical journey as a new music composer, and staying grounded in his artistic vision.

Closing Season 1 | “Courageous Voice” |

DeShannon Bowens | “Courageous Voice” |

Fall into this beautiful conversation with DeShannon Barnes-Bowens, author, psychotherapist, If a priestess, interfaith minister, and founder of ILERA, an organization that focuses on sexuality and spirituality, intimate partner violence, vicarious trauma, and wellness. Join us as we talk about how she found her life-work and how she brings all of herself to it’s expression.

Closing Season 1 | “Courageous Voice” |

Debbie Bronkema | “Courageous Voice” |

Meet Debbie. Pastor, writer, author, and worship leader of, an online faith community that explores questioning and growing at the intersections of creativity, spirituality and justice. Enjoy our conversation on building online communities, connecting through creativity and writing, and her new book, “Writing Toward Wholeness: Exploring creativity and spirituality”.

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