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by | Jan 3, 2020 |, Everyday Spirituality: The Blog | 2 comments

Years. Like more than double digit years, our Olivia has been watching Times Square NYE count down on tv and begging to go.

Sadly for her, she has parents not willing to wear adult diapers and stand there for 9 hours or rent a hotel room ($12,000 for a 3 night minimum… I did look) in order for her to live this dream.

Last night she crossed that baby off her bucket list.

She was PA for the company running the ball drop event. After many days of running around (minimum of 16k+ steps a day) doing task after task, she got to be outside for the drop. In Times Square, confetti falling, music blaring, madness… on her own, experiencing the joy of doing something she set out to do.

I sat in front of the tv at 11:59, crying, so very happy for our steadfast and gutsy 5 foot bit of goodness living one of her dreams.

Wishing everyone the strength and determination to live out at least one of their dreams in 2020.

Peace, love, and understanding to all.

Kat Nemec

Kat is a graphic designer who thinks good things come from crafts, kids, collaboration, and an open mind.


  1. Bryan

    I love this! Olivia you ROCK!

  2. Chris C

    Dreams do come true!


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