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This statement is borrowed, with permission, from a sign posted on David LaMotte’s front porch in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. David is a singer, song writer, author. and peace activist.

This sign can be found at

I like what David says in response to people’s concern that it matters who you vote for. His response is that the quote doesn’t end in “everything is cool”, it ends with we will try to be here for you. Being and living in community is about being there for one another regardless of our station in life and how we interpret our beliefs. That is our hope for this community called Our hope is that we can live up to this goal of being
there for one another. In our prayers, conversations, and actions, may we always strive to lift one another up. May we even be able to speak in love and humility when everything is not cool. Connect.Faith may not be a very traditional neighborhood but we are called to be neighbors in all settings.

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