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by | Feb 11, 2020 |, Everyday Spirituality: The Blog | 2 comments

The promise of the sun after the winter storm is that the snow will melt, the light will shine through, the growth hidden below the cold and ice will break through and start again. And so the promise of our gracious God is that after the cold, the silence, the isolation, the light will shine, be reflected, and warmth will follow.

Have faith, hang on through the winter, and find those who help to increase your light and warm your soul.

Linda Berg

Linda loves to learn and be inspired through the creativity of others, especially music and the written word. She enjoys creating opportunities for one-on-one and group conversations that encourage youth and adults alike to be challenged, inspired, strengthened, and grown in their faith and their lives.


  1. kat

    Beautiful… winter can be so hard on cold and gray days…faith helps for sure.

  2. Debbie Bronkema

    I love the image you reflected on here. And the hope you see is contagious!


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