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by | Apr 3, 2020 |, Everyday Spirituality: The Blog | 0 comments

When my kids were little every day was dress up day. They were Muppets and superheroes, they were brides, princesses, ninjas, cowgirls, Star Wars characters, and pirates… Every. Single. Day.

One house rule was when dressing as Superman, if we were leaving the apartment, one must wear the red undies UNDER the blue long johns. Getting dressed Jacob would ask are we going outcan the undies be on the outside? This rule made no sense to him, why would there BE red undies if everyone was not supposed to SEE them? My house. My rules. And now I look back and say, what on earth was I thinking?

Rules are important. One should probably not wear tightie whities over their jeans, but while being Superman one must always wear the red undies on top of the blue leggings. I apologize Jacob. I was 100% wrong.

We are currently in a period of all rules being thrown out the window. Everyone is trying to do the best they can… kids adjusting to a new reality, parents trying to keep their families safe, people learning to work from home or deal with the loss of work, the elderly feeling isolated… it is pretty hard.

Now is the time for undies on the outside… live the life that keeps you safe, but allows you to experience joy. Do the best you can with schedules but make time for walks, chats with family and friends, and something joyous every day. Go find some flowers blooming, watch some birds from a park bench, fill your windows with bright drawings, chalk your sidewalk… swoon.

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Kat Nemec

Kat is a graphic designer who thinks good things come from crafts, kids, collaboration, and an open mind.


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