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by | Sep 26, 2022 | connect.faith, Everyday Spirituality: The Blog | 0 comments

On my vacation this year, I got to spend some extended periods of time watching sunsets.  This isn’t something I usually do.  Oh, I notice pretty colors in the sky in the evening once in a while, but to watch the entire act of the sun going down, I can’t say this is part of my daily schedule.

The truth is, watching these sunsets unfold was spectacular.  I have at least twenty versions of the picture above, as I kept thinking it couldn’t possibly get more beautiful, and then it did. And the next night – though from a different viewpoint – from high up in the mountains – it was just as awe-inspiring.

In those moments, I wondered why I don’t always pay attention to something that has the potential to be so beautiful.  But the truth is, I haven’t made time once since I’ve been back. I want to change that.  I want to make a decision to look for the beauty of creation, and watch it paint the skies.

So – what other beauty am I missing?

Debbie Bronkema

Debbie is excited by the power of story to transform lives. Through her work as a pastor, author, retreat leader, and group facilitator, her hope is to plant seeds that encourage people to grow in their relationship with themselves, each other, and God.


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