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Justice Talks | Mark Orendorf | Everyday Spirituality

by | Apr 19, 2020 | 0 comments

​In this episode of Everyday Spirituality we talk with Mark Orendorf. Mark is the Assistant Director of Cedarkirk Camp and Conference Center, and the leader of the Challenge to Change program, which aims to raise awareness of social justice issues in the migrant community in Florida.

I was particularly moved by Mark’s explanation of our own complicity in systemic justice issues around poverty and oppression. The idea that we need to seek forgiveness from those we’ve wronged, whether directly or indirectly, BEFORE seeking forgiveness from God was especially challenging and inspiring.

If you are interested in learning more about Challenge to Change at Cedarkirk Camp and Conference center, visit them on the web: http://cedarkirk.org/summer-camp/c2c/


“We need to move people from, “We’re coming in and helping because that’s the good Christian thing to do,” to a place where we need to admit and accept where we are coming from. We need to be able to admit where our sins have come in. We need to be able to understand that 100% of the coup-de-tats in Central and South America the US has been a part of in some fashion. So we need to ask God forgiveness, we need to ask other forgiveness.”

“About 70% of the Psalms are songs of lamentation. Yet when you look at the hymns from the last few centuries it’s considerably less, then if you look at contemporary praise music and it’s essentially 0%. I think with everything that’s going on in today’s world there may be some health in lamentation.” 


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