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Young Leaders & Activists | Kyla MaryAngelene & Jayda-Milan Parker | Everyday Spirituality

by | Oct 22, 2020 | 0 comments

Today’s episode of our Young Leaders series Cali spoke with two activists, Kyla Maryangelene and Jayda-Milan Parker about the important work they did in the wake of George Floyd’s death. 

These activists organized a successful protest with over 1500 people in downtown Trenton, NJ, as well as organized a youth-focused protest at the school they went to. They emphasize how important it is to speak out for what is right, and to educate yourself and others about the racial injustices people face on a daily basis.


“Every community needs to be a part of this change, and needs to recognize their own role in how to be a better community to all groups of people.”

“Protests (are) a way for us to mourn and express the way we felt about what was going on.”

“If you’re really standing for something, it’s within our right to stand for that wherever we want to.”


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