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Young Leaders & Activists 2 | Milton and Humza | Everyday Spirituality

by | Oct 26, 2020 | 0 comments

In this episode of Everyday Spirituality, Cali Bronkema sat down with activists Humza Mumtaz and Milton Esliker who took action in their community following the death of George Floyd. 

In the second part of our two-part podcast series on Young Leaders, Milton and Humza dive into the importance of education, community, and using our voices to achieve justice. All movements start with a conversation, an idea, and these activists encourage everyone to start having conversations about what can be done to make the world a better place.


“I think there’s no better time to start than now. It starts with education, it starts with self-reflection. It’s important to keep in mind the bigger picture, where you want to take your reform or activist work in the future. Especially if you’re young, you have to ask yourself sometimes, what tools and skills do you need to go forth and cause real change.”


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