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Faith, Art, and Justice | Katrina Zezza | Everyday Spirituality

by , | Aug 2, 2021 | connect.faith, everyday spirituality

In this episode of Everyday Spirituality, Debbie sat down with Katrina to discuss her creative journey, her artwork, and her work at the Kairos Center and for the Poor People’s Campaign. Katrina is a New York based artist and illustrator who draws using ink, water-based paints and digital applications. Her inspiration is often derived from things I think I saw, or symbols that want to be reconfigured.

“Your need for restoration and justice is tied up with mine–we are inextricably connected and the pain of others affects us. We can and do wall ourselves off from the suffering of other people, and the more privileged you are the more you can do that, but it’s just an illusion because we are not actually seperate.” -Katrina Zezza