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Turning Books into Bread and Milk | David Tullock | Everyday Spirituality

by , | Oct 3, 2021 | connect.faith, everyday spirituality

Start your week off right with a brand new episode of Everyday Spirituality. Our new season “The Writer’s Season” begins today with special guest David Russell Tullock. David, the owner and director of Parson’s Porch, sits down with Debbie to discuss how he was able to turn his interest in publishing books into a personal ministry, helping homeless individuals in his community by turning books into milk and bread.

Tune into David’s incredible and moving story below, and learn more about Parson’s Porch here: https://www.parsonsporch.com/

“My books, and the money from that, turns into milk and bread for the homeless. For me at least, it’s the most perfective expression of my own personal faith that I could imagine.” – David Tullock