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Swooning with Kat Nemec | Everyday Spirituality

by , | Oct 18, 2021 | connect.faith, everyday spirituality

We’re honored to have Kat Nemec join us on Everyday Spirituality next week! We have an exciting episode launching Monday, and we hope you will tune in. Kat will be discussing her creative journey and how she took up creating beautiful art and writing a blog during the pandemic.

Find Kat’s writing on her blog: https://swooning.me

Find Kat’s design work: https://www.studiokatinc.com

“I don’t believe in perfection… I like to say that I am a person who gets things done, because I’m really okay with getting it done at 80%. I don’t really believe there is a 100%, because your 100% and my 100% are really different.” —Kat Nemec