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On Writing with Nick Warnes | Everyday Spirituality | connect.faith

by , | Nov 14, 2021 | connect.faith, everyday spirituality

We have an inspiring episode of Everyday Spirituality to share! Nick Warnes joins us to discuss his creative process, the new direction he will be taking his writing in, and how he is doing publishing differently through his company, Cyclical, a faithfully innovative publishing company. We can’t wait to share this episode with you!
Check out Nick’s latest release here, now available for pre-order: https://cyclicalpublishing.com/deconstructing-church-planting/
Nicholas Warnes is the Founder and Executive Director of Cyclical Inc. and Director of Cyclical LA in Los Angeles. Nick is also a recognized speaker on church planting, coach for New Worshiping Communities with the Presbyterian Church USA, on the advisory board for the Brehm Center and the Church Planting Program at Fuller Theological Seminary, and an adjunct professor at Fuller Theological Seminary.

“My preconceived notion of authors was that you sit up in a place by yourself with a typewriter and type away… Once I figured out I could do this with friends, it was way better, and matched who I am as a human.” -Nick Warnes