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Zora Holness, part 2 | Generation Hope | Season 2 Episode 4

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We hope you enjoy the second half of Cali’s conversation with Zora Holness. In this episode Zora talks about lack of access and representation in media and the commodification of Black culture.

Zora is a 2019 graduate of the University of Maryland, who is a passionate and active member of her community, working alongside various organizations to educate and provide resources to help uplift her neighbors. Outside of her activism, Zora is a huge tv lover with a particular interest in diversity and inclusion on-screen and behind the scenes. She loves to engage in tv discussions so follow her on twitter to chat or just for some good recommendations!


“(Hamilton) if you’re erasing the characters names, is an all American story of perseverance, trying to accomplish your goals, working with people, war, etc. You can put yourself into some of those characters shoes, even if you can’t put yourself in Thomas Jefferson’s shoes, you can put yourself in the Black Thomas Jefferson’s shoes, in Daveed Diggs’ shoes.” – Zora Holness

“Politics is important, and the decisions our politicians make are important. But real change happens at the local level, it happens at a community level. People need to start taking care of each other. Once people start taking care of each other they are able to empathize with each other and learn about each other.” – Zora Holness


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