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"Remember the joy you felt like when you were a kid, coloring with crayons. So just do it--I'll give you the crayons"


– April Castoldi

"Sometime you have to care enough about something to be willing to do it poorly"


– Bryan Bardin

"There is this thing called 'grace' -- we all need it sometimes, today it was just your turn."


– Pastor Debbie Bronkema

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standalone segments from our pilot season


with Ike and Misty Sturm

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Ike and Misty Ann Sturm visited and shared three powerful and inspiring jazz pieces, all written by Ike Sturm. Ike and Misty met over their love of music and valentines candy while in college–Ike for jazz and sacred music, Misty for classical. After graduation, Ike used his unique blend of sacred music and jazz at St. Peters Lutheran Church in Manhattan as the Music Director for their Jazz Vespers Service. Misty is a teacher and mother who continues to share her gift of music in conjunction with Ike and other musical collectives regularly. Each of the pieces shared here are touching and sentimental, but most of all, “Family,” which Ike wrote in memory of his father after his passing.

  • “Holy Jesus, be my light” by Ike Sturm
  • “God makes all things new” by Ike Sturm
  • “Shine in our hearts” by Ike Sturm
  • “family” by Ike Sturm


Misty Sturm with Sara Caswell and Tyler Walker

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Misty Ann Sturm brought two of her friends and fellow musicians Tyler Walker (piano) and Sara Caswell (violin). These three joined us during our pilot season and brought four pieces of music to life around the theme, “The Light Shines Through”.

  • “shine” by Ike Sturm
  • “Facing an Angel” by Anna Dagmar
  • “Amazed” by Anna Dagmar
  • “you are” by Ike Sturm

Misty Ann Sturm is a mother, teacher and musician. She trained classically, but as all things in a marriage has picked up some jazz influences through her husband Ike Sturm. Misty continues to share her gift of music in conjunction with Ike and other musical collectives regularly.

Tyler Walker is a composer who’s music can be heard in video games, on television, in film and over the internets (most notably in almost every Improv Everywhere video). In composing music for video games, Tyler was exposed to the world of app development and has since become an iOS developer. Learn more about him at

Sara Caswell is a Grammy Nominated jazz violinist. Raised in a musical family, Sara began playing violin at age 5. She currently leads the Sara Caswell Quartet, co-leads the Caswell Sisters Quintet and regularly performs with mandolinist Joseph Brent’s 9 Horses as well as serving as a member of the faculty at both the Berklee College of Music and Manhattan School of Music. Find Sara online at


with Emily Bronkema and Evan Closser

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Emily Bronkema graduated from the University of Cincinnati where she studied ballet. She is a Company Dancer at Glorify Performing Arts. Previously she was a Trainee at Ballet Magnificat! and studied at The School of Pennsylvania Ballet.

Evan Closser accompanied Emily with his arraignment of “So Are You to Me” by Eastmountainsouth. Evan a classically trained pianist and organist, though lately he’s been branching out to as many new genres as possible! Also, Evan is the audio engineer and a video producer with

Emily and Evan brought this piece of music and passage of scripture to life in a new way. From the graceful, flowing movement, to the soft, assured piano; this liturgical dance brought new meaning to the passage, “and God said let there be light.” It recast it in my mind as a calming yet powerful flow of the spirit of God across our planet.

draw a mandala a day

with April Castoldi

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April Castoldi stopped by to share her experience drawing a mandala a day as a spiritual practice. She explains how she approaches the drawing of mandalas and encourages everyone to take up the habit.

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One weekend in October we brought together an amazing group of people who are passionate about creativity, spirituality and justice and set them free to do what they do! To make music and art and dance, share stories and science, talk about practicing justice in everyday life… to be who they are. We are so excited to share the experience of with you!

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