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by , , | Feb 10, 2020 |, Music Videos, Pilot Season, Watch

Emily Bronkema graduated from the University of Cincinnati where she studied ballet. She is a Company Dancer at Glorify Performing Arts. Previously she was a Trainee at Ballet Magnificat! and studied at The School of Pennsylvania Ballet.

Evan Closser accompanied Emily with his arraignment of “So Are You to Me” by Eastmountainsouth. Evan a classically trained pianist and organist, though lately he’s been branching out to as many new genres as possible! Also, Evan is the audio engineer and a video producer with

Emily and Evan brought this piece of music and passage of scripture to life in a new way. From the graceful, flowing movement, to the soft, assured piano; this liturgical dance brought new meaning to the passage, “and God said let there be light.” It recast it in my mind as a calming yet powerful flow of the spirit of God across our planet.

This dance was shared as part of’s pilot season, based on the theme, “The Light Shines Through.”

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