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Ike and Misty Ann Sturm at | The Light Shines Through | pilot season

by , , | Jan 6, 2020 |, Jazz Music, Music Videos, Pilot Season, Watch

Ike and Misty Ann Sturm visited and shared three powerful and inspiring jazz pieces, all written by Ike Sturm. Ike and Misty met over their love of music and valentines candy while in college–Ike for jazz and sacred music, Misty for classical. After graduation, Ike used his unique blend of sacred music and jazz at St. Peters Lutheran Church in Manhattan as the Music Director for their Jazz Vespers Service. Misty is a teacher and mother who continues to share her gift of music in conjunction with Ike and other musical collectives regularly. Each of the pieces shared here are touching and sentimental, but most of all, “Family,” which Ike wrote in memory of his father after his passing.


  • “Holy Jesus, be my light” by Ike Sturm
  • “God makes all things new” by Ike Sturm
  • “Shine in our hearts” by Ike Sturm
  • “family” by Ike Sturm

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