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Chris Dingman | Creativity and Healing Soundscape |

by , | Nov 9, 2020 |, Music Videos, Season Three, Watch

Vibraphonist and composer Chris Dingman joined from home during the Covid pandemic to share his music, perspective, and how he is experimenting at the intersection of creativity and healing.

Over the past year or so, Chris has been experimenting with using his music as an improvised soundscape to encourage creativity and healing in others. Throughout the soundscape, Chris encourages us to let our minds wander, and “write down the bones” seeing where the music takes our subconscious. As we listened, we wrote and found ourselves on a powerful creative journey full of self reflection and healing.

We are also sharing a piece by Chris from his album “Embrace” called “Forgive/Embrace” you can see that video here:

Learn more about Chris on his website:

Find him on Facebook:

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