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“Love” by Joni Mitchell | Erin Hogan |

by , | Aug 30, 2021 |, Jazz Music, Listen, Music Videos, Season Three, Watch

Erin brings a deeply touching and powerful rendition of Joni Mitchell’s setting of the passage from 1 Corinithian’s “Love”.

Erin Hogan is an operatic soprano by training, but also explores musical storytelling through musical theatre, jazz, and folk song. Erin’s greatest joy is discovering and connecting herself and others with the greater truths and lessons in life through music. She aspires to combine her love of performance with her spirituality and written observations of living a creative life.

“Love” Joni Mitchell – from her album “Wild Things Run Fast”. In reflecting on the song in an interview, Joni said, “Love is…just about the most valuable thing that there is.”

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