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“The One with the Sponges” | This Might Help |

by , | Sep 15, 2020 |, Season Three, This Might Help, Watch

In this next season of, because of the global COVID-19 pandemic we are inviting our friends and collaborators to share a story, song, or teaching from home.

This is the next episode in Bryan’s series, “This Might Help”. In this episode, Bryan reminds us that during these unprecedented times, often filled with stress and loneliness, it is important to take a moment and think about how you can do good for others. Doing good deeds for others, no matter how small, not only helps the other person, but it also makes you feel better and creates a ripple effect of kindness.

“Sometimes when I’m facing life’s hard times, and the challenges and obstacles that I’m facing feel like they might be unsurmountable, it just drains me of the motivation to do the things that make me happy. In those hard times, the thing that can motivate me and energize me better than anything else is doing something nice for somebody else.”

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