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Back in February, we were able to come together to film the second season of just before the global pandemic hit and everything changed. We brought together all sorts of people to continue to explore the intersection of creativity, spirituality and justice--and it's every bit as relevant today.

David LaMotte on Restorative Justice |

by , | Jun 30, 2020 |, Justice Masterclass, Season Two, Watch

This video expands on the idea that what we think of as justice, is actually much more complex. We move from aid vs justice work to retributive vs restorative justice, and David talks about how true healing can only come from a more restorative approach to community building.

This “Masterclass” will consist of excerpts from a conversation we had with singer, songwriter, author and peacemaker, David LaMotte, back in February. In these videos David gives us tools to think about the nature of justice in our lives and in the world.

Given the current state of the world, having a grounded understanding of what it actually takes to create a more just world, is critically important.

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