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Hope and Sidewalk Chalk | Signs of Hope |

by , | Nov 30, 2020 |, Signs of Hope, Watch is a community of people unbound by location coming together at the intersection of creativity, spirituality, and justice.

But even though the community is unbound by location, all the people, all of us exist in a location.

This year during advent, the time we set aside to prepare for the in breaking of light and hope into the world anew, we want you to share a little about who YOU are, your LOCATION and SIGNS OF HOPE you find in your world.

In this video from our “Signs of Hope” series, Kat Nemec shares the sidewalk chalk art her young neighbors have been creating throughout the pandemic.

“They bring joy at least once a week with their goodness. Sometimes it is PSA about washing ones hands, other times it is a bunch of fish.”

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