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conversations and more at the intersection of creativity, spirituality and justice

"Remember the joy you felt like when you were a kid, coloring with crayons. So just do it--I'll give you the crayons"


– April Castoldi

"Sometime you have to care enough about something to be willing to do it poorly"


– Bryan Bardin

"There is this thing called 'grace' -- we all need it sometimes, today it was just your turn."


– Pastor Debbie Bronkema

One weekend in October we brought together an amazing group of people who are passionate about creativity, spirituality and justice and set them free to do what they do! To make music and art and dance, share stories and science, talk about practicing justice in everyday life… to be who they are. We are so excited to share the experience of with you!

this pilot season is brought to you by 


Debbie Bronkema

Pastor | Earthen Vessels | Everyday Spirituality


Bryan Bardin

Producer | | Everyday Spirituality 

Katelyn Westervelt

Producer | Everyday Spirituality 

Evan Closser

Music Director & Producer | Pianist 


Ike Sturm

Jazz | Everyday Spirituality

Misty Ann Sturm

Jazz | Everyday Spirituality

Cass Ghiorse

Everyday Spirituality

April Castoldi

Mandalas | Everyday Spirituality

Justin Hylden

Everyday Spirituality

Mark Orendorf

Everyday Spirituality

Sara Caswell


Tyler Walker


Emily Bronkema

Liturgical Dance

Olivia Nemec


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