Do you ever wish you had a peaceful place to go during your busy week, to rest and rejuvenate? Join vibraphonist Chris Dingman as he takes listeners on a journey to a beautiful place for Transformations, an online space for healing through music. Playing live from his home studio, Chris shapes the music according to the moment and those who are present in it with him.  Each session becomes a unique experience that is both healing and inspiring.

Chris Dingman is a vibraphonist and composer known for his rich and expansive soundscapes. In his captivating solo performances, he casts an enveloping atmosphere with layers of sound – soaring melodies, swirling textures, and undulating pedal tones. It’s an immersive listening experience that many have described as transportive and deeply healing. He has worked for the past two decades in NYC as “an extremely gifted composer, bandleader, and recording artist” (Jon Weber, NPR).

On his journey to becoming a solo artist, Chris documented his improvisations privately for many years, until his world changed. When his father entered hospice care in 2018, he created the 5-hour extended album Peace, recorded as he played it for his father, and ultimately released in 2020. That profoundly emotional experience caused him to re-examine the role that solo performing played in his life and career – imbuing it with an even deeper sense of mission and introspection. Since then, he has brought his special brand of healing music far and wide, from traditional concert venues throughout the US, to retreat centers, meditation and sound healing events, to medical conferences, hospitals, hospice centers, and to live streams worldwide.


Beginning February 13th! 2nd Monday at 8pm and 4th Tuesday at 12pm. 
To receive the Zoom invite, drop us a line.


Special Transformations on New Year’s Day from 2:00pm-3:30pm EST. Email

What People Are Saying About Transformations

“I have been attending Transformations during my work lunch breaks as a way to relax and meditate, and it has been such an amazing way to squeeze in a mid-day reset. The music is so beautiful and intentional, and keeps me feeling grounded and interestingly focused. I’m so grateful for Chris Dingman and his team for putting this series together; it’s truly a gift.”
– Imane EG

“ Transformations is a beautiful and calming influence in a hectic day; a chance to slow the daily rush, re-ground, breathe, and breathe again. Deep bow.”
– Ana H

“I look forward to each session of Transformations! Chris Dingman has a gentle and unique way of tuning into the emotional needs of each participant while at the same time activating our listening skills and healing capacities. Multi-modal healing, a meditative hour at noontime and the elevation of consciousness through beautiful music – what more could any seeker hope for?”
– Monique A

“Chris Dingman’s “Transformations” programs have become a highlight of my month, a place of respite from the everyday with a dose of gentle, healing sound.  An hour passes…and I feel renewed, positive, refreshed.   It amazes me how soothing it is to spend time with this music.”
 – Will M, psychotherapist & author 

I was bathed in the healing sounds of Chris’ music, which centered and quieted my mind for the rest of the day.  Every note feels intentional and that brings grace to every breath.
– Charlotte R

“Time stops when Chris begins to play and stress converts to a wonderful energy to pay forward with the world.”
– Mary Beth A

“Chris’s transformation series is aptly named! It is truly something to experience and I found it to be immediately energizing and healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
– Helen D

“The Transformation series is a wonderful 1 hour meditative experience with some beautiful ambient playing, that helps you take a mental health break and reset your focus, and is a natural de-stresser as well!”
– Michael J

“An hour of healing that transports with inspiration that transforms… I always emerge from the hour knowing I am calmer; solutions present themselves with clarity and effortlessness; a peacefulness settles in that carries through the day. An hour that is generous and open to all, but allows us to make it our own and create peace in body, mind and soul”
– Cheryl M