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by | Jul 6, 2023 | connect.faith, Everyday Spirituality: The Blog | 0 comments

Romans 12:2a

Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind, so that you may discern what is the will of God.

Renewing Our Minds

The passage, with its first words about not conforming, has always appealed to me. Though there is a voice in my Michigan brain that tells me to do what people expect of me, there is another voice that says, no – be who God created you to be. Be transformed.

When the Apostle Paul talks about renewing our minds, he is lifting up the idea of trying to unite our minds with the spiritual life that is ours in God. He is saying, don’t let the things of today shout out your real life. Instead, let the wisdom of the love of God let you know what really matters, and rescue you from feeling the need to conform. So, today’s challenge is making the space to renew our minds, even when that doesn’t conform to this world’s expectations.

  1. How do you renew your mind? Do you take a nap? Or maybe a walk? Do you do a guided meditation, breathing in and out? What helps you let go of the need to conform to this world, and get in touch with the Spirit of God
  2. Pick a gospel, Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, and start reading over the course of this summer. What do you notice about who Jesus is? The world sometimes gives us an image that bears little likeness to the real Jesus.
  3. If you were listing things that you think are the will of God, what would be on the list?

Prayer: Dear God, Help me to put down the things that keep me tied to conforming, and pick up the spiritual practices that help me pay attention to you. Amen

Debbie Bronkema

Debbie is excited by the power of story to transform lives. Through her work as a pastor, author, retreat leader, and group facilitator, her hope is to plant seeds that encourage people to grow in their relationship with themselves, each other, and God.


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