Courageous Voice

Today is the day you vow to follow your heart and not your fear. If only it were that easy! The Courageous Voice podcast chronicles international artists, creatives, plus a handful of scientists, and their stories of fear, courageousness and creativity. Hosted by singer, storyteller and self-proclaimed joy spreader, Chanda Rule, The Courageous Voice inspires us to share our voices courageously in spite of our fears through courageous conversation and community.

Meet Your Host:

Chanda Rule

With feet rooted in gospel, a heart filled with soul, and a voice touched with jazz, singer and songwriter Chanda Rule has been weaving stories through song, humming melodies, and bending words since her childhood. Her “bewitching voice,”as described by the Baltic Times, has a flexibility and range that has graced a variety of musical projects.

A published writer and storyteller, Chanda also uses her music for community building and communal healing. Her stories that combine original narrative, sacred text and music have been awarded, commissioned, and featured on podcasts for spiritual living.

Join us on the Second and Fourth Mondays of the month
at 6:30PM Central European Time (12:30PM EST).

If you have questions, or to get more information including the Zoom invite, drop us a line.

Debbie Bronkema | “Courageous Voice” |

Debbie Bronkema | “Courageous Voice” |

Meet Debbie. Pastor, writer, author, and worship leader of, an online faith community that explores questioning and growing at the intersections of creativity, spirituality and justice. Enjoy our conversation on building online communities, connecting through creativity and writing, and her new book, “Writing Toward Wholeness: Exploring creativity and spirituality”.

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