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Generation Hope is a podcast by looking for stories of hope in the lives of young adults. This season we’re hearing from people who were just starting out their professional careers in education, healthcare and service fields when we were hit with a global pandemic.

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Cali Bronkema is currently serving as the Director of Children and Youth Ministries at First Presbyterian Church of Arlington, VA. Prior to that, she served at Johnsonburg Presbyterian Camp and Conference Center, and in 2019 she graduated from American University with a Bachelor’s in Communications, Law, Economics and Government. When somebody asks her about how she came up with the idea for Generation Hope, she responds “I see hope in my generation all the time through my friends and acquaintances. I thought it would be selfish to keep all of that information to myself when I have a platform that I can share it through. We’re the generation who started school around 9/11 and ended school during Covid-19, and we have some great stories to share.”

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