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by | Sep 27, 2020 |, Everyday Spirituality: The Blog | 0 comments

Since hearing the announcement of the virtual gallery and the theme “Transformation”, I’ve been intrigued by the word. Being a “small-c” creative person (i.e. not a visual or performance artist) but instead one in love with words, I’ve been exploring the concept of transformation and finding it immensely powerful and personally relevant.  We think of transformation as visible and dramatic – a caterpillar to a butterfly, an ugly duckling to a swan.  What I learned, though, was that transformation implies much more than an external change in appearance.  True transformation is defined as an altering of internal beliefs and fundamental nature – the external changes in appearance and/or behavior follow.

To be hurt and to act as if you are not is but a superficial change in outward behavior, very fragile and hard to maintain.

To be hurt and work on acceptance and releasing of anger and resentment, while continuing to care from afar, allows inner healing as well as the change in outward behavior.  Transforming.

Transformation often manifests visibly and externally, whether in appearance like the swan or in behavior, as seen in a butterfly’s new power of flight.  Driven by internal changes, the growth might result in recognizing one’s own beauty and learning how to use our wings.

Do you have internal beliefs to work on that might transform your own power, beauty, and resilience?  Faith over fear.


Linda Berg

Linda loves to learn and be inspired through the creativity of others, especially music and the written word. She enjoys creating opportunities for one-on-one and group conversations that encourage youth and adults alike to be challenged, inspired, strengthened, and grown in their faith and their lives.


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