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Daily Poetry | Justin Hylden | Everyday Spirituality

by | May 4, 2020 | 3 comments

Daily Poetry | Justin Hylden | Everyday Spirituality

In this episode of Everyday Spirituality, we talk with Justin Hylden. Justin’s spiritual practice is starting the day with the book of Psalms, and responding to what he reads by writing poetry.

Justin is the Pastoral Associate at Pleasantville Presbyterian. He comes to Pleasantville by way of Princeton Theological Seminary, and a childhood spent on a farm in North Dakota.

I enjoyed this conversation with Justin because it helped me better appreciate the gifts hidden in the Psalms. The intentionality with which reads a Pslam, then the openness in which he responds through poetry, is a very powerful and inspirational message.


“With the Psalms, there is nothing that is off limit. Even the gruesome, the un-churchy, the things we don’t think should be said, are there. I really live the idea that there is nothing that is wrong to bring up to God.”

“When I think about the injustice we encounter in the world, both the super personal and the global. The idea of a God who will bring justice in time, hits home with me. God’s justice doesn’t come quickly, or when we want it, but it is a hopeful delay.” 


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