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Take A Breath | Poem | Dylan Bronkema

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Hope, Look

Dylan Bronkema; Tampa, FL

Take a breath:

Practice taking a breath,
When uncertain, take a breath — The path will open wide
When provoked, take a breath — The anger will subside
When unhappy, take a breath — Cheerful you will be
When burdened, take a breath — Relief becomes your trustee
and when you take a breath, pray. — God will light the way.

Taking a breath is reflection
Reflection is patience
Patience is faith.

If we pray for patience
Does God give us patience?

He gives an opportunity to practice patience
How are we going to respond to the opportunity?

Where do you see hope? I see hope everywhere. Hope is wherever you are willing to look. If you are willing to put effort into something, then there is hope within that thing. How does hope sound? Hope sounds joyful and exciting. Hope is a crescendo in music, it is what drives people to passion. How can you represent hope in your version of art? I represent my hope by writing to inspire. I want people to read my work and then look to find the hope in their own lives.

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